This blog was primarily created to be a safe space / community for those who identify as bi.

Bisexual: sexual attraction to two or more genders, neither of which are necessarily your own¹

Biromantic: romantic attraction to two sexes or genders (x)

Bicurious: characterized by an openness to or curiosity about having sexual relations with a person whose [gender] differs from that of one’s usual sexual partners (x)

However, I welcome anyone on the spectrum to add their own experiences and contribute to the conversations being held on this blog. I imagine this will be primarily other non-monosexuals, but I hope everyone in the community feels like they have a place here.

Monosexual: sexual attraction to members of only one gender (x)

Pansexual: not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity (x)

Demisexual:  sexual attraction only to people with whom they have an emotional bond (x)

Asexual: little to no sexual attraction or interest in sex. The former definition is more widely used, but some asexuals use the latter definition. Both are valid and accepted. (x)

Grey-asexual: an umbrella term for people who do not fall perfectly into the asexual label. The grey-ace label can mean a variety of different things, such as: they do not normally experience sexual attraction, but do experience it sometimes; they experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive; they experience sexual attraction and drive, but not strongly enough to want to act on them; or, people who can enjoy and desire sex, but only under very limited and specific circumstances. (x)

The above definitions are all referring to different sexual orientations, meaning the gender(s) one is sexually attracted to, on the spectrum. However, all of these prefixes can also be used to describe romantic attraction as well.

Romantic orientation: the gender(s) one desires to form romantic relationships with, regardless of sexual orientation¹ (heteroromantic, homoromantic, biromantic, etc.)

Some other miscellaneous definitions I may talk about at some point!

Polyamory: the practice of, or desire for, intimate relationships involving more than two people, with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved (x)

Aesthetic attraction: occurs when someone appreciates the appearance or beauty of another person(s), disconnected from sexual or romantic attraction. (x)

Sensual attraction: the desire to interact with others in a tactile, non-sexual way, such as through hugging or cuddling. In my experience, commonly felt by asexuals. (x)

Emotional attraction: the desire to get to know someone, often as a result of their personality instead of their physicality. This type of attraction is present in most relationships from platonic friendships to romantic and sexual relationships. In my experience, commonly felt by demisexuals before experiencing sexual attraction. (x)

If there are any other terms you’re unsure about and would like me to define or anything I got wrong on here, feel free to say so on my Contact page!


Please note: I will occasionally use “queer” as an umbrella term for those who don’t identify as cisgender and heteroromantic/heterosexual. I understand it was once used as a slur, but my generation is hard at work to reclaim it once more. It may be a touchy subject, but I believe the longer we dance around it, the harder it will be to eradicate it as a slur.

¹I couldn’t find any sources for these two definitions that weren’t problematic or confusing, so these are just based on personal ideas of what they mean.